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Kit List for Water Activities

21 June 2015

Kit List and Additional Information for Water Activities

These are some extra guidelines on the kit required for taking part in water activities.  If you have any questions about what kit you need for any activity please do talk to the Section Leaders  – they will have knowledge and experience often from kitting out their own children as well as from running the activities.

All safety equipment such as buoyancy aids and helmets will always be provided.  Please be aware that informing the team running the activity that your child cannot swim to the required standard will not prevent them taking part in the activity – it just allows the team to put in place extra measures to ensure their safety.

  • Wetsuit, or clothes to get wet in (e.g. swimming costume and board shorts, swim shorts, or light weight trousers,  Tshirt – wicking type of material is ideal as it will dry more quickly than cotton)  Clothing such as woolen sweaters, jeans, baggy jogger bottoms, padded jackets, etc. that can absorb a lot of water and become heavy when wet are not suitable.
  • Wetshoes or old trainers you can get wet/muddy.  Everyone must wear closed toed footwear.  Sandals or flip flops are not suitable.  We would also not advise crocs as they fall off too easily.  Walking boots or wellies are also not suitable.  The shoes for water activities should be in addition to whatever shoes are being worn around the camp for the rest of the day.  In the event of falling in, spending the rest of the day in wet shoes would be very unpleasant.



Wet shoes like these would be ideal.

  • If it is cold and wet a water and wind proof jacket and a fleece, hat and gloves would also be useful.
  • If it is sunny then sunhat/sun cream/sun glasses might be required
  • All cuts must be covered with waterproof plasters.
  • All long hair must be tied back.
  • Towel and washing kit also a full change of clothes including shoes as anyone who gets wet during a water activity must have a shower afterwards.
  • Anyone who has taken part in water activities or handled any equipment being used must wash their hands afterwards.


Always ensure all kit is clearly and robustly labelled with your child name!

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