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Cold… Rain… Mud… Fun… Winter Camp!

31 January 2014
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Explorer Winter Camp at Linnet Clough – January 24-26th
Report by Explorers, Sally and Paul Roberts

After pitching the tents on Friday night in torrential rain, we were glad to find shelter in the Lynmouth building. We enjoyed a competitive game of “beetle run” which was a good opportunity to meet other Explorer groups.

On Saturday morning, a hearty breakfast awaited us to start our day. Following flag break, we commenced our day of activities. This included: The cube, Ice skating, Quad biking, Bungee trampolines, Laser Quest, Tomahawk throwing, Sumo suit wrestling, bush craft and Zorbing. Our favourites were Zorbing and Quad biking! Zorbing involved being pushed down a hill in a giant inflatable ball; which made you feel a bit dizzy but was really fun! For Quad biking, we learnt how to drive the quad-bike and took it on a trek, twisting in and out of the trees.


Neil, the human gerbil
SAS or SOS? The camp evening entertainment was a disco. It quickly exceeded expectations, with the majority of the explorers dancing and having a good time. It was a great laugh and enjoyed by all. Then we had some warming supper and went to bed.

We got up on Sunday and found it difficult to pack our tents up in the knee-deep mud. As a group, we walked to the Roman lakes to be picked up by our parents. We hosed the mud off the tents back at the Scout Hut and hung them up to dry before we went home for a much needed bath. Overall we had a great weekend despite the poor weather conditions. We had a laugh and the activities were good fun. We’ll definitely be there again next year!

Sal & Paul Roberts

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