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Cub Camp Review

4 July 2013

Following our recent Cub camps at Linnet Clough and Ashworth Valley and as part of the Cubs Outdoor Challenge badge, we asked the Cubs to review their camping experience.  We posted various review headings around the Scout hut and asked the Cubs to add as many post-it notes under each heading as they liked.

The headings, along with the Cubs feedback are shown below:



What surprised me the most?

Camp Review - Found Most Surprising



What food did you like the least?

Camp Review - Camp Food Disliked



What food would you like in the future?

Camp Review - Camp Food Wanted



What did you enjoy the most?

Camp Review - Enjoyed the Most



What did you find the most difficult?

Camp Review - Found Most Difficult



What camp food did you like the best?

Camp Review - Camp Food Best

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