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Bonnie on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show

11 July 2013

Chris Evans Breakfast Show - BBC Radio 2

Any listeners of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 may well have listened to the ‘Kids Get a Fanfare‘ feature just before 7:30am.  Any kid aged between 6 and 11 and doing something for the first time that day can call the show and if lucky enough to be selected, talk to Chris and let him know what they’re going to be doing with a follow up the next day so they can tell Chris all about it and how it went .

Bonnie climbing at Windgather Rocks One of our Scouts, Bonnie Nolan, did more than just listen and called the show on 4th July to tell Chris about going rock climbing for the first time at Windgather Rocks with our Scout Troop.

So attention all you High Lane Beavers and Cubs!  You all do many new and exciting activities throughout the year so which one of you can be next to speak to Chris and the rest of the nation?

Many thanks to the BBC, Radio 2 and especially Chris Evans and the production Team for their kind permission to use this audio clip and for giving Bonnie and 1st High Lane Scouts a fanfare. If you want to take part in the Chris Evans Breakfast Show, check out the Breakfast Show programme page and “Take Part in the Show“.

Bonnie climbing at Windgather Rocks

The full photo gallery from the event will be posted shortly.

If you missed it live you can listen to Bonnie talking to Chris Evans below.

Bonnie Nolan on the BBC Radio2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show

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