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Cubs visit Chester Zoo

11 June 2013
Chester Zoo

District Cub Outing to Chester Zoo

This years annual District Cub outing was to Chester Zoo and Mike Nolan, ADC (Cubs), picked an awesome weekend for it!  The weather was glorious and for a change we were more concerned with keeping sun cream applied and getting plenty to drink instead of trying to find somewhere to shelter and getting on rain coats.


Compare the Meerkats

There were lots of baby animals on show including the two baby elephants, Hari and Bala who’s just 6 months old, which we got to see as we arrived through the gates.

The younger orangutans were swinging around and rolling about which reminded me of  a typical Cub camp.  There was even a mother orangutan sat right next to the window observing all the strange hairless creatures gawping at it.  She then pulled her tiny baby, Tuti, into view and held it up for us to get some snaps.  Alas, the glass was too shiny for those pics to work well.

The Meerkats were a popular attraction but I’m not sure what we were supposed to compare them to.  Also popular with the Cubs were the giraffes, which they got to see really up close and the jaguars.

Thanks to the Goyt District team for organising it and to the other leaders for their help on the day.  A fantastic day was had by all.

To see photo’s from the visit, please see our Gallery.

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