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Cub District Sports Day

23 June 2013

Goyt District run a Cub competition throughout the year for all the Cub packs within the district.  Events include the District Camp, yearly outing (this year’s was the Chester Zoo trip), swimming gala, 6-a-side football, etc.  One of these events is the District Sports Day held, weather permitting, at Werneth High School in Bredbury.

This year’s event is scheduled to take place at Werneth High School on Wednesday 26 June 2013. It will start at 6:45 pm prompt and finish at 8:00 pm. Cubs are to meet at 6:30pm on the playing field at the back of the school so that we can start at 6:45pm prompt.

This event adds attendance points towards the District competition as well as placement points depending on how well we do.

Age group Event
1 8 yr Sprint
2 9 yr Sprint
3 10 yr Sprint
4 8 yr Egg & spoon race
5 9 yr Egg & spoon race
6 10 yr Egg & spoon race
7 8 yr Bean bag race
8 9 yr Bean bag race
9 10 yr Bean bag race
10 8 yr 3 legged race
11 9 yr 3 legged race
12 10 yr 3 legged race
13 Relay (1 x 8 yr, 1 x 9 yr, &1 x 10 yr plus 1 other)
14 Throwing the cricket ball
15 Tug of war (total age to be <=54)


  1. Cub sweatshirts/T-shirts to be worn with neckerchief tied around waist.
  2. Age on the day.
  3. No cub to enter a race below his age group.
  4. All cubs to report to starter before each race.
  5. Failure to attend start of race will automatically disqualify your pack from that event.
  6. Referee’s decision is final.

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